Castle Fine Art has launched Sir Billy Connolly’s brand-new, limited-edition portfolio set: Windswept & Interesting. The matching quartet of prints is hand-signed by the award-winning comedian and author and will be released in conjunction with his new autobiography of the same name. 

The Windswept & Interesting collection will be available to purchase from the UK’s leading gallery group, Castle Fine Art, from Thursday 2nd September. Presented on deckle-edged 100% cotton paper, the giclée prints highlight the vibrant blazers on Billy’s ‘Teddy Boy’ characters. Celebrating 1950s British youth subculture, the quartet features vivid colourways, brothel creeper shoes and clashing socks, which distinguish the era.

Billy has honed in on the appearance of his characters, in his inimitable style, to catch the dynamic flair of the ‘Teddy Boy’. He comments:

“Everything about Teddy Boys were windswept and interesting. From their clothes, to their hair, even to the way they walked, it was all completely different to everyone around them. With the differing colourways in particular, I really wanted to show the true subversive style that Teddy Boys were known for.”

Windswept & Interesting was given its title by Billy after he recalled memories of a Teddy Boy he saw in an art gallery when he was a youngster. The new prints are the eighth instalment in his Castle Fine Art collection, joining prints, original artworks and stainless-steel sculptures.

Ian Weatherby-Blythe, Group Managing Director at Castle Fine Art, commented on his delight at Billy’s new release:

“We are so glad to be launching the new limited edition set of artworks from Sir Billy Connolly. Billy has such a unique artistic style that has time and time again proved to be a favourite amongst our collectors.

Windswept & Interesting is a special collection as it is one that materialised from Billy’s own memory and experience. We cannot wait for you to see his latest collection, which is rich with the humorous charm that Billy carries through his artwork.”  

Alongside the release of his prints, Billy is also releasing an autobiography in October of the same name. The first ever full-length memoir from the Big Yin will feature the Windswept & Interesting art on the inside cover of the Waterstones exclusive edition of the book, and will detail much of his life, from a deprived upbringing in Glasgow to global success and the challenges of his later years. 

To view and purchases the limited edition portfolio, visit and to find out more about Sir Billy Connolly’s upcoming autobiography, visit:

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