Evolve Social Enterprise Lead Taylor Barrett

Evolve has created its first Social Enterprise Lead role and is welcoming long-serving team member, Taylor Barrett, into the position. With two cafés, three years and numerous awards to its name, the social enterprise is entering a new dawn with Taylor at the helm, which it hopes will see a period of tremendous growth… and even another venue. Since opening its doors in 2017, Evolve has helped provide young people facing barriers to employment with training, qualifications and job opportunities. Created by addiction support charity Aquarius, Evolve has since gone on to help 28 young people, offering over 1,000 hours


In light of the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work has never seemed so uncertain. Despite emergency government support being pledged to ease the threat of unemployment, many are still finding themselves without jobs as coronavirus grinds our every-day existence to a halt. However, determined to help educate, retrain, and upskill those who find themselves at a loose end, distance learning provider Oxbridge is supporting learners, with the launch of a fund that gives new students 20% off course fees across the board. Believing that education should never be restricted, Oxbridge has been turning any room into a classroom


The world is waking up to find itself in an unprecedented situation: with governments urging offices to adopt working from home where possible, advising against unnecessary travel, and suggesting that people avoid mass gatherings, it feels harder than ever to be in business. However, whilst these times are trying, the West Midlands’ leading digital agency, Explode Social Media, is adamant that it is an opportunity for businesses to make the jump to digitising its communications, selling streams, and customer relations. Lindi Mngaza, the managing director at Explode Social Media, has launched a service to help businesses navigate these ever-changing times.


From gendered depictions of scientific careers to a lack of female representation at top-tier level for engineering roles, the world of STEM can still seem to be a boys’ club from the outside looking in. However, stats are suggesting that a seismic shift may be on its way, with results showing for the first time ever that more women than men have studied sciences for A-Levels. Determined to push this further and keep the ball rolling, top distance learning provider, Oxbridge, is leading the charge for women studying maths, revealing figures significantly higher than the national average. Despite female students


Insomnia is making its return to the NEC in 2020 and this time the UK’s largest gaming festival is setting its sights sustainability. Welcoming over 45,000 fans each year, the festival is already known for its non-stop programme of unmissable gaming goodness; Now, its organisers hope that it will be the first to show unnecessary waste that it’s ‘Game Over’. With reports showing that 23,500 tonnes of waste are produced annually at UK festivals, i66 is determined to take control of the situation and do its best to get greener. To do this, it has teamed up with Nestlé Cereals’

Hattie Loves… Queer Eye

Keeping up with my moniker of Queen of Reality TV(-watching), when asked for my topic of choice for EV. Loves, there really was only one front-runner… If you’ve heard the phrases ‘Serving you lewks’, ‘Get it, henny’ or (and I stress that the number of ‘A’s in the following is very, very important) ‘Yaaaaaaas queen’ reverberating around Colmore Row as of late, it’s probably because I binge-watched all the episodes of Netflix’s Queer Eye in a month and I cannot stop talking about it. Long story short, I’m *obsessed*. For anyone unfamiliar with the series, let me introduce you to

EV. Loves… Edinburgh Gin’s Summer Serves!

  Gin might not be everyone’s go-to when it comes to an easy, refreshing summer drink… but put down the Pimms, sack off the Sangria, and let us introduce you to Edinburgh Gin’s selection of summer serves. It has already been a busy summer for the brand, after launch ‘1670’, a limited-edition collaboration with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Working the festival scene, Edinburgh Gin headlined Birmingham Cocktail Weekend last week, and will also be a participating brand at Gin In The City (27-29 July). We spoke to Claire Sumner-Hughes at Ian Macleod Distillers, which owns Edinburgh Gin, who has picked

EV. Loves… Birmingham’s Women’s Charities!

Here at EAST VILLAGE. we pride ourselves on being a kick-ass team of smart, driven women who are all doing our bit to contribute to Birmingham. Whilst the last 100 years has seen exponential progression for women’s rights, it’s no lie that there’s still quite a way to go, particularly for many women of colour, working class women, LGBTQ women, and many more underprivileged groups. It is an age-old notion that equality does not come solely from the passing of laws, but the changing of societal opinions and systems that exist to disadvantage marginalised groups. With this in mind, we’re

What we’re hinting for this Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of year again… V-day is approaching. Have you exhausted all your romantic ideas on Christmas gifts? Is the thought of doing it all over again making you break out in hot sweats? Don’t panic – we’ve rounded up the coolest gifts that will put Noah from The Notebook to shame (because let’s be honest, who is ever going to build you your dream house, am I right ladies?). Whether it’s a new fling, a long-term boo or someone you’ve been admiring from afar, it’s time to forget wilting bouquets and cheap chocolates, and instead bag a gift

Nicole Loves… Her New-found #MomBod

You’re about to spend nine months of your life cooking a human being, – nine long months of sacrificing everything was once yours (that includes your perky boobs, ladies…), waving goodbye to washboard abs and seeing the flat become curvy and the curvy become flat. Of course, this incredible task of growing another life, a whole brand new person, is going to leave some battle scars. If you have hang-ups about what pregnancy will do to your body, you’re definitely not alone. Remember ladies: this isn’t a permanent thing; you’re growing a human life, and that doesn’t come without a