Think that LEGO® is just for kids? Think again… LEGO®-loving grown-ups are making waves in the world of bricks, creating complex constructions that children can only dream of. These ‘Adult Fans Of LEGO®’ – or AFOLs as they are affectionately known – exist in their thousands worldwide and this November, 26 of the most respected AFOLs in Europe will bring their talents to Birmingham’s NEC for BRICKLIVE 2018.

With some comprising of tens of thousands blocks, these structures are a labour of love for the AFOLs creating them. Tomas Kasparik is one of the most prolific AFOLs, having made the largest Ferris Wheel ever constructed from LEGO® bricks. Coming in at 365cm tall and containing over 40,000 LEGO® elements, Tomas’ world-renowned model took 300 hours to construct. Tomas will be exhibiting his famous Ferris Wheel at BRICKLIVE, so fans can flock to catch sight of it.

Tomas is an active member of the global AFOL community, and will be making the 2,000 mile round-trip from the Czech Republic (with his creations in tow!) to take part in the BRICKLIVE experience.

Also making the journey across to Birmingham to join the fun is the Fennell family; parents Breda and David, and their teenage children Alan and Amy. Having cultivated a love for LEGO® in Amy and Alan when they were younger, the family turned their passion to profession nine years ago when they started showcasing their works at conventions. Since then, they have exhibited both at home in Ireland and at prestigious international events, such as LEGOWorld Copenhagen; Paredes De Coura in Portugal; The Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek; and of course, BRICKLIVE in Birmingham, London and Belfast.

Not all AFOLs are having to navigate the seas to make it to BRICKLIVE; there are 300 registered with Recognised LEGO® User Groups in the UK alone, and 20 of the AFOLs exhibiting at BRICKLIVE are British.

The AFOL community is integral to BRICKLIVE’s view that it isall about bringing the LEGO® fan community together, encouraging people of all ages to have fun and take part, whilst discovering different zones in the exhibition space. Speaking about the decision to feature AFOL dedicated spaces, Sarah Whittaker, Head of Events and Franchise at BRICKLIVE said:

“For us, AFOLs are the perfect proof that LEGO® is as much about building bonds as it is about building blocks. Not only is LEGO® timeless, but it brings together those from all over the world  and unites them in one simple way.BRICKLIVE is a celebration of these relationships, and we’re so proud to be bringing together those old and young for it.”

As well as the AFOLs, this year’s BRICKLIVE – which is at Birmingham’s NEC from 1-4 November – also includes the all-new Mythical Beasts, where 50 models and interactive experiences will bring the fascinating world of creatures from mythology to life using LEGO® bricks. In addition to the Warrior Bots Zone, where custom-built battle zones will provide the backdrop for adrenalin-filled wars; as well as a new and improved Star Wars Zone, where you can choose the Alliance or join the Empire and create new spaceships to be used in the galactic war, and explore a huge selection of official Star Wars sets on display, spanning over 15 years’ worth of official LEGO® releases. Other features include the LEGO® theme City, the ever-popular Minecraft Zone, Race Ramps, Stage Shows, a Dance Party, Fairy Bricks, Gaming areas, and the Duplo® Build Zone. As well as the BRICK Pits, Build Map, BRICK Lane, and of course, dedicated areas for Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOL).

Tickets for BRICKLIVE 2018 are on sale now, priced at £20 + fees for General Admission day tickets, which permit entry from 10.30am, or £27.45 + fees for Priority Admission that gets you into the show 30 minutes earlier. There are also VIP tickets priced at £35 + fees, which includes 9.30am show entry, a lanyard, event guide and goody bag. Family tickets are also available. To buy tickets, visit

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