As an Account Executive, Holly joined TeamEV back in 2019 and works across a number of retail, wellness, leisure and hospitality clients. Always the go-to for insights into the latest beauty, wellness and pop culture trends, in this ‘60 seconds with’ you’ll get to know a little more about our stats-driven superstar and her top tips for PR in 2021 and beyond.

  • How did you get into PR?

Whilst I was at university, I did a few Digital Marketing internships at other agencies and organisations across the Midlands but only dipped my toes into the PR world after graduating and joining TeamEV as a part time Social Media Executive. Whilst I initially only worked on Hospitality accounts, I ended up going full time within the agency during Spring 2020 – right at the very start of the pandemic! – and moving into a ‘Junior Account Executive’ role before working my way up to Account Executive.

  • Tell us a bit more about your role!

A lot of my day-to-day duties include client management, pitching and researching press opportunities, creating social media content, compiling reports and data analysis. It sounds cliché but truly no day is the same at EAST VILLAGE. – the pace is very fast but equal parts exciting!

  • What is your favourite part of the job?

The amount of creative freedom I get; whilst I always enjoy working to deliver a client’s specific vision or brief to the best of my ability, being entrusted to put my own personal spin on household brands and clients is always really exciting.

  • What’s your go-to coffee order?

It depends on the season to be honest but typically, an iced sugar-free vanilla latte is the way to my heart most days!

  • Here’s a divisive question… dogs or cats?

I think I’m probably the only person on the team to say this, but cats! We resuced my cat, Simba, three years ago and she’s the best.

  • What are your top three marketing tools that you can’t live without?

Preview (an app that allows you to visually plan your Instagram grids)

Editorielle (a daily e-mailer that rounds up the best journalist requests and allows you to pitch directly to press)

Later (it’s my favourite social media scheduling tool and is super user-friendly!)

  • What is one top tip that you give every client about PR?

To have all of your assets in place before officially onboarding an agency – it makes everyone’s lives so much easier and means we can jump straight into reactive pitching and outreach.

  • What is your PR trend prediction for 2021 and beyond?

Looking ahead, I think that podcast appearances are going to become even more competitive and popular as traditional profile pieces and print interviews continue to evolve in line with consumer behaviour and digital trends.

  • Who would your dream client be and why?

TALA, Grace Beverley’s athleisure brand. I think the concept of sustainable fitness wear and accessories is definitely the future and would love to help elevate their share of voice and brand positioning to the next level!

  • Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into the industry?

Be proactive when it comes to work experience – if you’re a student, make the most of your flexible schedule and apply for as many internships as possible! If you’re unsuccessful or struggling to find opportunities, then make your own: consider volunteering or creating your own blog/content/portfolio. This is a great way to learn new skills and demonstrate

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