EAST VILLAGE. is an award-winning Birmingham PR agency and we’re on a mission to change the headlines with headlines that change the world. We want to move away from divisive clickbait by flooding the media with stories that empower people to take action in their own lives and have a greater positive impact; helping to grow our clients’ businesses as we go.

Our clients are like family


We work with brands across retail, leisure, hospitality and the Third Sector.

Using a blend of expertise, insight and instinct, we deliver values-driven campaigns that inspire people to take action and help businesses grow.

Focused on important issues like diversity, sustainability and entrepreneurship, we work alongside purpose-driven consumer brands who want to create change and influence people to do better. Driven by change, the impact-driven organisations, charities and projects we work with are dedicated to creating a positive impact and helping people live even better lives. It’s what we like to call PR with purpose.

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