Known for providing delicious food that is good for both the lips and the hips, thestudiohas been serving up award-winning meals for over a decade. Now, the conference and events company is stepping up to the plate to take its culinary expertise to the next level, by publishing its first ever cookbook. Titled ‘balance’, the cookbook is written in collaboration with registered charity, Nutrition & Diet Resources UK, with all proceeds from sales going towards the not-for-profit organisation, that works towards producing resources for health professionals.

The book is a first for thestudioand the team is well-aware that conferences and cookbooks might not seem like a natural recipe. However, the company is known for thinking outside the box, and after it received a number of compliments from clients across its four venues about the food on offer, it decided to rise to the challenge of creating balance.

Available to buy at each of their venue locations, balanceaims to please their regular clients, but also appeal to the general public, looking to discover and cook up a variety of delicious, wholesome, nutritious meals in the comfort of their own home. The book also focuses on the need to be able to adapt to and be inclusive to special diets such as meat free, vegan, diary free and gluten free.

Director and Co-founder of The Studio Venue Company, Emma Jennings, commented on the balance venture, and has high hopes for the cookbook’s future:

“It’s been an incredible journey working with NDR-UK towards getting our ‘balance’ cookbook published. It’s a project I am very proud to have been a part of and I can’t wait to find out what our customers think of the cookbook. balanceis a great way for people to discover new dishes, give them inspiration to give home cooking a go, and most importantly, enjoy a nutritional meal they may have enjoyed here at thestudio, again at home with family and friends. From a business perspective, balancedemonstrates thestudio’s passion for great food and innovation, and we hope that this resonates with those who purchase a copy!”

Working with NDR-UK, thestudio’s talented team of chefs opted for a seasonal theme of dishes that could also be adapted to suit a broad range of dietary needs including vegan, gluten free, meat free and dairy free. Some of the dishes that feature in the balancecookbook include a mouth-watering pancetta wrapped cod baked on lemon and herb potatoes, a fiery Moroccan sweet potato burger balanced with shredded fennel, carrot slaw and an orange chilli dressing, and a tasty roasted vegetable lasagne served with a nutritious feta salad.

What’s more, thestudiohave made sure to cover all tastes by including recipes for those who have more a sweet tooth rather than a savoury craving. Sweet treats that you can set your hand to include a fruity French apple tart, a vegan sticky toffee pear pudding, and a quick and easy, healthy apple and granola crumble pot, sure to get the taste buds tingling.

Kirsty Rice, BusinessDevelopment Manager at NDR-UK, also commented on the work that has been put into this project:

“Working with thestudioto get balance off the ground, printed and delivered to our desks has been a great project to work on and we’re all so pleased with the finished product. balanceis all about honest, healthy meal ideas that are suitable for a range of different dietary needs, and I believe the chefs at thestudioand the rest of the team at NDR-UK have really worked hard in order to achieve this. When thestudiofirst suggested the cookbook initiative to us, we were delighted as we knew this was in our field of expertise and could offer the best advice to make its first cookbook the best it could be!’’

balance is now available to buy for just £7.50, with all profits going towards the NDR-UK charity, so if you’re interested in purchasing a copy to start cooking up some of the delicious recipes inside, please visit one of thestudio’s venues, or visit the NDR-UK website here.

Tara Tomes