EV. Loves… Edinburgh Gin’s Summer Serves!

  Gin might not be everyone’s go-to when it comes to an easy, refreshing summer drink… but put down the Pimms, sack off the Sangria, and let us introduce you to Edinburgh Gin’s selection of summer serves. It has already been a busy summer for the brand, after launch ‘1670’, a limited-edition collaboration with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Working the festival scene, Edinburgh Gin headlined Birmingham Cocktail Weekend last week, and will also be a participating brand at Gin In The City (27-29 July). We spoke to Claire Sumner-Hughes at Ian Macleod Distillers, which owns Edinburgh Gin, who has picked

EV. Loves… Birmingham’s Women’s Charities!

Here at EAST VILLAGE. we pride ourselves on being a kick-ass team of smart, driven women who are all doing our bit to contribute to Birmingham. Whilst the last 100 years has seen exponential progression for women’s rights, it’s no lie that there’s still quite a way to go, particularly for many women of colour, working class women, LGBTQ women, and many more underprivileged groups. It is an age-old notion that equality does not come solely from the passing of laws, but the changing of societal opinions and systems that exist to disadvantage marginalised groups. With this in mind, we’re

What we’re hinting for this Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of year again… V-day is approaching. Have you exhausted all your romantic ideas on Christmas gifts? Is the thought of doing it all over again making you break out in hot sweats? Don’t panic – we’ve rounded up the coolest gifts that will put Noah from The Notebook to shame (because let’s be honest, who is ever going to build you your dream house, am I right ladies?). Whether it’s a new fling, a long-term boo or someone you’ve been admiring from afar, it’s time to forget wilting bouquets and cheap chocolates, and instead bag a gift

Nicole Loves… Her New-found #MomBod

You’re about to spend nine months of your life cooking a human being, – nine long months of sacrificing everything was once yours (that includes your perky boobs, ladies…), waving goodbye to washboard abs and seeing the flat become curvy and the curvy become flat. Of course, this incredible task of growing another life, a whole brand new person, is going to leave some battle scars. If you have hang-ups about what pregnancy will do to your body, you’re definitely not alone. Remember ladies: this isn’t a permanent thing; you’re growing a human life, and that doesn’t come without a

Ella Reviews… Pitch Perfect 3

The Bellas are back by popular demand, but did the third installation of the Pitch Perfect franchise live up to the hype? When it was revealed in the EAST VILLAGE. office that our MD, Tara, had never seen any of the Pitch Perfect films, the rest of the team were rightfully shocked and appalled. The enormous hype that has surrounded the franchise ever since the launch of the first movie back in 2012 has been hard to miss. The first movie was dubbed ‘Hollywood’s surprising success story’, which makes sense, as a movie about a competitive acapella group seems pretty

Nicole Loves… ‘Five Cool Baby Brands you Haven’t Heard Of.’

EV’s mum-to-be Nicole shares some of her favourite under-the-radar baby must-haves:   Finding out you’re pregnant is the most exciting (yet scary) time of your life. There are so many books, websites and blogs dedicated to giving FTM (that’s first-time-mums for those of you not familiar with netmums acronyms) the solutions to weird – probably slightly inappropriate –  questions, that all the answers seem to be just a google away. So when you start shopping for baby bits, it’s easy to steer towards the big brands and household names that your Mum, and her Mum before her, swore by. After

Rum’s time to shine: why rum will step into the spotlight in 2018.

EV’s Ella Cunningham tells us why rum is the next big thing! For those in the know when it comes to rum, its wide range of flavours and types, ability to mix with numerous other drinks, and rich cultural history all add up to make a wonderful drink that you can come back to again and again. However, it seems rum’s difficulty lies with attracting new drinkers. With the revelation that rum sales are set to exceed £1bln in the UK in 2018, it’s clear that interest is finally on the rise, but one question must be asked: why has

Looking into the Crystal Glass… Whisky Predictions for 2018!

As whisky industries change and evolve, sometimes it seems hard to keep up with your favourite distiller. From new releases to new branding, new methods of distilling and new distilleries cropping up all over the UK, it’s an exciting but hectic time for whisky lovers everywhere. As we enter 2018, #TeamEV’s Ella has made some predictions as to what will become popular amongst distilleries and whisky-lovers alike, and what you can expect from your favourite drams in the New Year. All aboard the Bourbon Bandwagon… When you think of whisky, you might think of swirling a crystal glass by the fire,

Nicole Loves…The Hairstyles You are About to See Everywhere!

New year, New ‘do; forget the champagne, the best way to ring in the new year is with a fresh hairstyle. The coming months will inevitably bring new color, cut, and styles so it’s time to say goodbye to the lob – however much it hurts, see ya’ to super-sleek middle parts, and adios to platinum buzz cuts and make room for whole new fleet of selfie-worthy looks. To help you stay ahead of the curve, #TeamEV’s Nicole has hand-pick the looks that are guaranteed to infiltrate your Instagram feeds in a few months. Un-lock-ing 70’s style If ever there

EV LOVES… Secret Santa

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… here at EAST VILLAGE. HQ we’ve been celebrating with everything from decorating the office, to listening to music through our bluetooth speaker christmas tree (extra, we know…) to shopping for secret santa presents! As we all know each other (almost too) well, luckily everyone was over the moon with their gifts! Keep reading to see what everyone received…       How did your secret Santa go? Let us know @eastvillagepr!