'Outstanding Small Consultancy (Silver), CIPR Midlands PRide Awards; Small Business Saturday's SmallBiz100; and 'Small Business of the Year', West Midlands Awards 2017

EAST VILLAGE. was born from a desire to create lasting relationships through engaging conversations.

We stick to what we’re good at and focus only on what we know. We’re not in the business of over-selling ourselves and pride ourselves on delivering each and every project, client, brand and campaign in the best possible way.


Choosing a PR agency can be a pretty tough decision, so we thought we’d make things just that little bit easier...
We have the right experience

We’ve worked with leading high end brands, luxury goods, high street retailers, wedding suppliers. When it comes to experience, we think we have everything you need

You get a dedicated team

Bigger agencies don’t mean bigger teams… even with a 40+ strong team, the Goldsmiths account will be assigned around three people, which is the same as you get with us

We’re agile

… which means that we’re not constrained to the usual admin, retainer ‘rules’ and other garbage that you get with bigger agencies

We strive to deliver

We’ve learnt our lessons… we’re not driven solely by the bottom line so we don’t bring business in unless we can manage it and do a great job

We’re young and passionate

We’re a young team – in age and as a business… which means we’re passionate and hungry for success

We’re award-winning

This year, we’ve won ‘Outstanding Small Consultancy (silver) at the CIPR Midlands PRide Awards, ‘Small Business of the Year’ at the West Midlands Awards, and we’re one of Small Business Saturday’s SmallBiz100 companies.

From behaviour change projects and business marketing strategies, to consumer campaigns and launch events, we work with you to get your messages out to the right audiences through the right channels. It’s as simple as that. Whether you’re a new product launching into the market, an online retail brand, a sporting venue, holiday destination or retail asset, we want people through your doors and onto your websites to experience the best of what’s on offer.

Biscuits eaten
Events attended
Sharpie’s purchased
Coffees consumed